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Welcome To ShadowMusic

The Global Family Of Shadows Music Fans

Hundreds of items of Shadows related info, masses of pictures and all the Shadows Music you could wish to hear.

Come on in, upload or download a picture or two, some guitar tablature or chord charts, find your local Shadows Guitar club, venture an opinion, download some sound files, indulge in a little guitar geek chat or tell us how you got that magical Fender Stratocaster or Burns Marvin tone. We welcome uploads of your own instrumental music so why not upload your version of Apache or other Shadows style track?

Members of The Shadows visit this site, so Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin or Brian Bennett could be reading your contributions. So come and join us in enjoying the music which inspired a whole generation of guitar players - Brian May, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and all of us in this worldwide Shadows community.

UK Clubs

You think you're the last Shadows fan standing? These pages are your link to a whole world of Shadows Music Clubs in the UK... And across the world.

Each UK Shadows Music Club represented here is autonomous and can set up its own pages, news postings, picture libraries and links to suit itself; each Shadows Music Club representative automatically becomes a host of the ShadowMusic Web Community too.

If you've never plucked up courage to visit a Shadows Music Club please don't hesitate. You don't have to play well, in fact you don't have to play at all - although someone will no doubt help you to learn if you want to, no matter what your age or gender; just turn up and say Hi! You'll meet the greatest bunch of folks. Just check the list inside our community for your local club. You'll be amazed by the number of clubs and their locations.

And if you run a ShadowMusic club in the UK, or anywhere else worldwide, and it's not listed, please contact me ( to set up your own area here on ShadowMusic.

On behalf of The Friends Of The Shadows, The ShadowMusic Web Community and our associated Shadows Music clubs, a very warm welcome!

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