Site rules - please read before posting

Please read before you post

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Site rules - please read before posting

Postby Admin » Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:51 pm

As far as possible this site is uncensored and members are free to use it as they wish. However, as in any community there have to be a few simple rules for the good of all members. We have tried to keep these as short and simple as possible and ask all members to abide by them.

The different forums are there to help people find the topics they are interested in. Please post in the one that seems most suited to your message. Posts may be moved if they are off topic and there's somewhere they are better placed.

Bad language, defamatory remarks, personal attacks on members, subject matter irrelevant to the site, or illegal content are not permitted under any circumstances. Posts that contravene this rule will be edited or removed and the poster warned. Repeated contravention of this rule will result in the poster being banned.

Remember that this is a public forum. Many different people, including The Shadows, read these messages. Please read through your post before submitting it, consider how it might be interpreted by others and whether it contravenes these rules.

Any member who feels that a post is in need of attention is asked to report it to a moderator and not add fuel to the fire by commenting on that post.

Any comments or questions about the site, please use the Member's Comments forum

Thank you for reading this short message and we hope you enjoy using these forums.

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