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Re: EQ settings ?

Postby cockroach » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:13 am

cockroach wrote:
dave robinson wrote:
cockroach wrote:
I swear this is true - around that time, I was once playing a friend's Gibson Les Paul Custom with that amp, and I could make it sound like Mark Knopfler's Strat on Sultans of Swing..

Yes you can, I have done that myself, it's all down to knowing which sliders to position where. ;)

David- we can now expect to hear those famous words (from a hitman contracted by the guitars makers, amp makers, effects makers and pickup makers etc)

'Of course, you realise that now I'm going to have to kill you...'.. :)

No need 'roach, you'll probably shuttle off your mortal coil before you get perfection.
By the way, I'm not claiming to know the exact co-ordidates, there are too many influences i.e. Guitar, Echo, Amp, even personal perception of what it is. :idea:[/quote]

I'm not chasing the perfect tone...I just meant that the graphic EQ is such a useful thing if a player does want to try to get that perfect tone that he hears in his mind, that if a lot of players tried and used a graphic, it could put quite a few people out of business...thinking of pickup and effects unit makers etc..
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Re: EQ settings ?

Postby anniv 63 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:01 am

I should have mentioned on my previous post re Glasgow Busker,
was that he played the Shads version of Imagine with this equipment.
It was spot on as the 1980 ALBUM version in playing technique andsound!!!
Close your eyes and it could have been Hank playing.

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