Valeton TAR 20G guitar amplifier head

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Valeton TAR 20G guitar amplifier head

Postby roger bayliss » 15 Feb 2024, 23:38

I have played through one of these a few times recently after my mate bought one.

We ran it through a Celestion cab and added some EQ and lo and behold, it did a great Shadows tone !

It cost £49 off eBay, they typically sell between £50 - £100 and are small enough to fit in your hand, very light !

Features includs Reverb, Send and Return, Aux in and uses 8 - 16 ohm speakers. 20 Watts. Headphones / line out cab sim.

Very good clean tones and will do breakup and overdrive too. Single channel vintage sounds 3 band eq

Would be ideal for someone looking for a cheap light amp and worth checking out.
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