Fender TBX Tone Control

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Fender TBX Tone Control

Postby Somerset » 06 Apr 2024, 10:24

A quick question while I still can!

A lot has been written in these pages about tone control with the use of EQ and filters but has anyone used a Fender TBX tone pot on the bridge (and middle) to help craft that elusive sound?

My understanding, which may be wrong, is that in the 1-5 range the TBX control works the same as a normal tone control would in the 1-10 range.
At 5 the pot is notched and in this position the tone circuit is bypassed in much the same way as the bridge pickup did on early Strats.
In the range 5-10 the control rolls off the bass frequencies.

Sounds like a very flexible tone control but is it as good in reality?
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Re: Fender TBX Tone Control

Postby dave robinson » 06 Apr 2024, 14:10

I once briefly owned an Eric Clapton signiture Strat that had this feature and it didn't do it for me, there was always too much gain that was un-workable live, unless you just wanted to be loud. So, my experience wasn't positive compared to the G&L method.
Dave Robinson
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