This plectrum will self-destruct ...

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Re: This plectrum will self-destruct ...

Postby abstamaria » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:18 pm

Didier, I think my mistake before was keeping the GD plectrums in a closed container with less stable plectrums. Those broke down chemically and emitted either a gas or liquid (a plastifier?) that affected the GDs, similar to what Jim described above.

I have since kept the GDs in a separate container, and they seem to be doing all right.

But you are right. Different plastics age differently. I noticed that the newer plastic products deteriorate quickly, becoming sticky and then falling apart, perhaps as part of a general policy to ensure that plastics biodegrade. The plastic on the wiring loom of a new car I bought ten years ago became brittle and fell apart after three years , exposing the copper wire. It is a good thing the car did not burn. In contrast, the wiring loom on my 50-year-old Lotus is still pliable and in good condition.


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