a meeting with tristan fry

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a meeting with tristan fry

Postby drakula63 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:02 pm

Back in November, I had the great pleasure of meeting sky's drummer Tristan Fry. Spent about 90 minutes in his company and had a great time. The reminiscing was inevitably mostly about sky, but the Shads got the odd mention too. He was telling me that he used to play in the orchestra on the Cliff Richard show on BBC1 in the early 70s and would often give Olivia Newton-John a lift back to Bruce's place in his car. For Beatles fans, he also told me that he played on 'A Day in the Life'. A really nice guy, with great memories and very generous with his time. As you will see, he signed a couple of records for me! Ironic isn't it that it seems to be drummers and keyboard players that I get to meet! (Francis Monkman, Brian Bennett, Alan Hawkshaw and now Tristan Fry!)

Happy New Year.
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