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Al Rex

Postby Derek Mowbray » Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:02 pm

Al Rex bass player with Bill Haley and his Comets died on 24th May 2020 aged 91 ,he played bass for Bill ,in 1949 as one of The Saddlemen in 1949 he left but rejoined Bill`s Comets in 1955 after three of The Comets left to form The Jodmiars .Al was famous for his slap style playing and his antics on stage lying on his bass and playing it guitar style. He was in two films, Rock Around the Clock and Don`t Knock the Rock.He left again in 1958 did some solo work but without much success .He was the last surviving member of the 1956 Comets.
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Re: Al Rex

Postby Teflon » Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:15 pm

Sad news, and another link to the past gone :( .

As an aside, I posted a link to that video on a guitar forum which is primarily populated by folk considerably younger than me. I fully expected some unappreciative comments, but was pleasantly surprised. One poster summed it up saying he had always considered Bill Haley & co to be a bunch of comical old men, but: "Watching that, they're sharp-dressed young men and Beecher is as cool as ...expletive removed..." I now feel I have done a service to a small part of the younger generation :D .

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