Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkies (Flatwounds)

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Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkies (Flatwounds)

Postby MMStingray54 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:03 am

Has anyone tried these on their bass? I have Thomastik flat wounds on my coral red Stingray and as mentioned by Iain in the thread where Jim Nugent thought guitar strings were being discussed, they're one of the nicest strings, both feel and sound wise, and certainly of flatwounds - albeit I paid £48 for a set ;) the sound samples I've heard of the EB cobalt flat wounds sound great (thumpy with round wound zing available as well) so I'm dallying with the idea of putting a set on my fretless bass. I wondered if any of you Precision/flatwound guys have tried them and what your experience has been?
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