12" single

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12" single

Postby drakula63 » Sun May 17, 2020 10:55 am

This quite incredible thing was brought to my attention recently.

Dark Light was a band that I played drums in back in 1992. We didn't have a deal, we didn't become famous and yet this 12" single (or EP) that we recorded has recently sold on a specialist music auction site for £161.
:o :shock:
I have absolutely no idea who would be mad enough to shell out this kind of money for this, but I hope it was worth it and that he/she is enjoying it!

If anyone here has a copy of this record/or sees one lying around, you might want to stick it up on ebay ASAP!

https://www.popsike.com/1DARK-LIGHT-12- ... 39012.html

I suppose this will have to be my crowning achievement, musically, even though I doubt that anyone bought it for the drumming! Mind you, the super rare original insert printed on green A4 paper, was produced by myself on my old Amstrad PCW... so maybe that's my real claim to fame!
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