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amusing story...

Postby drakula63 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 4:03 pm

I simply MUST tell this story...

About four years ago, a friend of mine and myself went on a bit of a road trip. To be honest, we were going down to somewhere near the Norfolk coast to interview someone for something. My friend worked (and still does) for the BBC. That is significant.


We had driven for a fair distance and decided to stop off at the next village shop for some provisions. We had set off early so it was still well before noon. We found ourselves in a beautiful town/village and stopped right near a nice looking post office-type local shop. We went in and bought some stuff and as my mate (not gonna mention his name... OK, let's call him Geoff), was taking a bit longer and as the shop was not that big, I decided to wait outside. It was a glorious morning. Anyway, just as 'Geoff' was coming out of the shop, his arms laden with refreshments, an old boy on a mobility scooter pulled up outside the door. "Excuse me," he said to Geoff, "please could you go in and get me a paper? I'm not too good on my feet."

"Sure," said Geoff, taking the old boy's proffered money. "What do you want?"

You can all see what's coming, but here we go anyway...

"THE DAILY MAIL." came the reply!

Dare I admit that it was with the greatest of satisfaction that I watched a BBC man go into the shop, buy a copy of the Daily Mail and take it out to the old bloke. Who, of course, was completely unaware of the beautiful irony of it all. Not lost on me of course, as I felt duly obliged to comment on once we had got back in the car.

And they say there's no God. These kinds of things are just priceless. :D

P.S. Although I now cannot remember the name of the small town or village - it might have been Holt, Attleborough or Hetherset - I think THIS is a photo of us setting off on the journey.
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