Watford Shadows Club Articals

Welcome to Watford's Sounds Like The Shadows! If you'd care to visit our club, you're welcome to just come along. Bring a guitar & join in or, if you prefer, just sit and listen. Bass players & drummers are also very welcome.

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Watford Shadows Club Articals

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Sounds Like
The Shadows
Guitar Club

(We are one of the largest and oldest clubs of its kind in the UK.)

The Club is mainly for guitarists and musicians who have a common interest in the music of ‘The Shadows’ and other bands that played similar instrumental music.
Whilst other melodic styles are perfectly acceptable - Guitarists and Musicians wishing to play other forms of music are respectfully reminded that we are not an R&B/Country or Folk club - we do not book expensive guests - and that there are plenty of 12 bar ‘jam sessions’ around (usually in pubs) that will cater for their needs.
Any queries on this, please feel free to ask Tony Read, Peter Morse or Sue Allt, who will be happy to explain the club’s objectives in more detail. It was because of the huge interest shown by many musicians in the music of ‘The Shadows’ that the club was formed originally, and we have no wish to jeopardise this, by drifting too far in other directions.

The aims of the Club are to keep this music alive, to encourage and promote players of all ages, sex or ability, and give help or guidance to anyone who may ask for it.
We may also hold workshops on Technique, Equipment and Tuition, so please come forward if you wish to offer your skills or require help or advice.

- O -

Some house rules are unfortunately essential; otherwise the whole evening could end up as one big ‘jam session. This is not what the club is about.

The Club will be kept as informal as possible, and run by the members, for the members.
A sum of £4 a head will be collected at each meeting to cover the cost of renting the hall, and a membership/subscription book will be kept – Any surplus from previous meetings will be used to cover any shortfall in the amount collected, or to fund new projects for the benefit of the club.

NB. This amount may change at any time if our landlords increase the rent!

Each player will be given the opportunity to play his or her chosen pieces at some time in the evening. The club will try to maintain a fair balance between those playing to backing tracks and those who prefer to play with the band.

a) Please put your name down on the board if you wish to play & indicate if you require
backing tracks or the live band. (when available)

b) Will Drummers / Bass / Rhythm players, please try to share these duties fairly.

c) Please be tuned up and ready to play when it’s your turn, as this will cut down on time
wasted during the evening. We try to give each player a 10 / 12 minute slot (depending
on attendance) which should be ample time for two to three numbers, so the more time
wasted, the less time to play.

d) If a guitarist wishes to play to backing tracks, will other musicians please keep quiet
until they are finished. The BT has all the essential backing needed for a guitarist to
play to, and if others join in, it just ends up as a messy jam session, making things
difficult and unsatisfactory for the performer.

e) People who wish to come and just listen are encouraged. So please spread the word,
Come along, Bring a friend or partner and experience some nostalgia.
If you have an idea or suggestion to make, please come forward and tell us.

- O -

Our opening times are 7.00pm till 11.00pm on the first Tuesday of each month, and the venue is a large, comfortable, air-conditioned ground floor room, in a well appointed sports club facility, with access to a bar with hot food. There is also easy access for anyone with heavy equipment or physical disabilities.
We always welcome new Drummers and Bass players to come and play, provided they are competent or willing to learn this music.

- O –

At this point may we take the opportunity to welcome you to the club.

- O –

Some Useful Telephone Numbers:-
o Peter Morse : Meeting Sound Engineer/Co-Ordinator. - 01923 674428
o Tony Read : Membership, Entertainment & PR Secretary. – 01442 215221
o Susan Allt : Treasurer. – 01442 380487
o Peter Bower : Roland Echo tape loops made to order. – 020 8427 1210
o ‘Echoes from the Past’ echo system : Charlie Hall. – 01353 666414
o UK Produced Backing Tracks (CD’s) : by Ian McCutcheon. – 01926 882762
o Pipeline Magazine : Alan Taylor. – 020 8398 6684
o Mark Pressling (Fender Europe) : Mark works on Hank’s Strats, but also runs his
own guitar repair and customising business from his home. – 020 8578 0785

The ‘Sounds Like The Shadows Guitar Club’ (Watford) is an independently run organisation, and is in no way connected to ‘The Shadows’, or any of their activities. The club cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretation or misuse of the above information.

The Club does not accept any liability for loss or injury while on the property.

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