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Postby bob golding » Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:15 am

FILLONGLEY SOCIAL CLUB Sunday Dec.12th.2010. 12 till 5/6pm.
CV7 8EU.

Backing tracks. Full back line for live music. Just bring your guitar. Licenced bar. Off/road parking. Great buffet. Friendly people. Raffle prizes !
England vs. Germany football clashed with our last meeting - but we still had a good turn out. Thanks to everyone for that. See you on DECEMBER 12th.
bob golding


Postby robin_drums » Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:22 pm

Hi Bob
Pleased to see that there is going to be a meeting again at your club. I will certainly try to be there.

Best wishes



Postby 51 Relic » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:35 am

Hi Bob

Maureen and I wish you all well for your next meeting . We have now relocated to the Isle of Wight please keep in touch

Best Wishes Nigel and Maureen
51 Relic


Postby bob golding » Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:33 pm

Nice to hear from you, I thought the Isle of white was reserved for Bass players !
bob golding

Cliff - Brian Bennett speaks

Postby drakula63 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:01 pm

Apparently, THIS was recently posted by Brian Bennett on his Facebook page. I shall add nothing to it by way of comment, except to say... :clap:

by Brian Bennett.
Saturday 15th April

For nearly 60 years I have often had the best seat in the house at a
Cliff Richard concert. For nearly 60 years he has become a good
friend, work colleague and someone I enjoy being with.
For nearly 60 years he has given 120% to his craft as a singer and
performer and demands the very best of himself at all times. I have
played drums for him, arranged and conducted for him and produced
records for him. We have seen the best of times and had some
difficult times but I cannot believe or come close to imagining what
he's had to endure over the past three years. What the BBC are
doing in court this week is unforgivable. They hide behind the word
'allegedly' to justify their complete disrespect for a persons privacy.
Anything for the story. I never use facebook for anything other than
fun and photos but I read a piece today by my friend Lesley-Ann
Jones and wanted to share it with you (with her kind permission).
It reads;

'Regardless of anyone's opinion of him as an artist, Cliff Richard, like
the BBC, is a national treasure. The gross violation of the privacy
and the health of the former by the latter ought now to spell curtains
for the institution that has lost its way, costs us a fortune, is exposed
as wilfully nose-thumbing of equal pay, is sexist, racist, homophobic
and self-obsessed, and cannot be forgiven for thieving years of the
lives of innocents. Like Paul Gambaccini, Sir Cliff did nothing wrong.
Auntie's defence for the helicopter-circling of his home before any
charge had been brought, or would ever be brought? 'It is in the
public interest'. I have rarely heard such rot. The Corporation itself is
no longer in the public interest. It is time to call time on what is no
longer a national treasure, but an international embarrassment'.

Thank you Lesley-Ann. It sums up what most of my friends feel about
what is happening in court. Who knows, from next week, there might
be a change in the law whereby the press are not allowed to ruin
someone's life with a presumption, a lie or a false story. We stand
with you Sir.

Actually, no, I WILL add something to it.

On the one hand, I don't think there is any merit whatsoever in the claims that have been brought against Cliff by various individuals. I have spoken to more than one person in recent years who either knows or has worked with Cliff and they have said exactly the same.

With regards the BBC... I used to love the BBC and have the utmost respect for them. That love and respect has long since gone - for a wide variety of reasons - but this has just put the final nail in the coffin for me. What is so shameful is the fact that, at the time of the televised raid, it was NOT a developing news story. Cliff had not been arrested or charged or anything. It was a clear example of the BBC wanting to 'create' the news, rather than report it. This can never be acceptable. It is common knowledge that the BBC has an agenda, and part of it is (apparently) doing as much damage to people they don't like as possible. The sad thing is that the South Yorkshire Police have already admitted that THEY were in the wrong and have apologised and paid up, so why can't the BBC?

On a very personal level, and despite the fact that I know someone who works there, I hope this takes the BBC down a peg or two and is the beginning of a process that will see this despicable corporation taken apart and dismantled altogether.

Hopefully this post won't be deleted.
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