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Re: Klemt

Postby fenderplucker » Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:02 am

Hi Dave,

Is your comment above consistent with those you made about equipment in the Pickups thread?

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Re: Klemt

Postby dave robinson » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:20 pm

fenderplucker wrote:Hi Dave,

Is your comment above consistent with those you made about equipment in the Pickups thread?


Hi Paul, not sure what you mean here, as my comments on pickups, were to discourage people from spending an unnecessary fortune when the original pickups fitted to their instrument can achieve the goal. I believe this to be true of echo machines too.
The Echolette is not like a Meazzi as I'm sure you know, as the only thing it has in common is it's age and they function differently in that the Meazzi is a basically flat sound by comparison to the EQ and preamp provided by the Echolette. That said, it does add some kind of 'magic'' to the tone which I can't put a label on, it's probably a very musical distortion or something but none the less pleasing. What I'm saying is that in the mix of the band, not everyone will hear it and I don't think folks should be fooled into thinking that by purchasing thousands of pounds worth of equipment, they will automatically hear what they think is THAT SOUND.
It's a fact that we all have a slightly different perception of what THAT SOUND is, as my take on it is from Move It into Apache, Man Of Mystery, FBI and Wonderful Land et al - but they are all different and have slightly differing textures. As we all know Hank wasn't on Move It, but Malcolm Addey recorded Ernie Shear's guitar in a way that turned heads and he was using his Hofner President through a Fender Tremolux amp according to what he told us. I know the Selmer amp has been mentioned too and that makes it even more puzzling, as they are different components. I firmly believe that one of the biggest contributors to the sound was Malcolm Addey's input along with the harmonics from the studio reverb and other stuff he used. The reason I say that is because Hank's sound was so similar with his Antoria and then the Strat, the The Beatles first album came out with George's guitar sound in a similar ball park. Then people say that when they saw The Shadows play live at that time, they didn't really sound like the records, similar but not the same, so we're down to percentages again.
You spent an awful amount of time to get to where you are and it has led people to believe that by having the same equipment, they too will get as close, but I experienced first hand that plugging in my own TVS3 to my AC30/4 was great, but it wasn't it. Had I wanted to put the time in then maybe I would have stumbled across the correct harmonics and got an exact match, but do you know what ? Life is too short and I took Hank's own advice and dropped it, because even he couldn't replicate it by his own admission.
The new echo machine that was mooted on here earlier in the week sounds great, as they all do, but to me it sounded exactly like my ESE Echomatic which I moved on.
I'm certain that the key is not so much in pickups or echo machines, though you do need the amp, but it's about the correct harmonics from the added reverb and other stuff that we have no control over, basically THAT SOUND was an phenomenal accident and I hate to see folks throwing good money after bad when there is no magic bullet. :)
Dave Robinson
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