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Postby Gatwick1946 » Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:02 pm

Hi Folks,

I am curious as to how and when, Hank arrived at "That Sound".

In particular, I think the stratocaster came first, but what came next, timewise, regarding the amp and echo/delay unit?

In Bruce's autobiography, between pages 88/89 there is a photograph captioned " A unique view of Cliff and the group entertaining on stage at the Metropolitan Theatre, Edgware Road. We used hardly any amplification".

Hank has a strat, Jet has (methinks) the Framus bass and Bruce is in the shadows (no pun intended) so you can only see a glimpse of his guitar (could be the Vega??). Due to the angle of the camera, I cannot identify the amps. Hank and Bruce appear to have the same type of amp, but Jet's is different. I do not have sufficient knowledge, but could Hank's amp be a Selmer Truevoice?

The photo is not sharp enough to see where Hank's guitar is connected to. I cannot see an echo unit but cannot rule one out.

I have always assumed that on Cliff's first LP Hank used the Antoria + amp and no echo.

I think I can hear a stratocaster and echo on Cliff's 2nd LP, could be echo or delay or studio reverb?

In the film Expresso Bongo Hank can be seen (just as we all did) hitting a string and then giving the vibrato arm a wiggle! He does something similar in the clip of FBI on Crackerjack. Shortly after, on Crackerjack again, he plays The Frightened City with the vibrato arm held under his palm or just the third and fourth fingers of his right hand ( but has a bit of a struggle with the middle bit??? - still, it looks to have been recorded live in front of a load of kids and even Hank is human and had to learn his chops!).

Strange that this still interests me after some 60plus years. I must get a proper, grown-up hobby?

Kindest regards,
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