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Re: Danny Dean and The Men Of Mystery (CA. U.S.A.)

Postby abel » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:49 pm

Hi all,
I am posting a sample from our upcoming "Tribute to the early Cliff & The Shadows" CD(s) release. (Not Mastered yet).
Actually there will be 2 CD. Each has songs and instrumentals:

Shadows tunes:
- Apache / Wonderfuland / Peace Pipe / Theme for Young Lovers / Shadoogie / Atlantis / FBI / The Savage /
Gonzales / A Place in the Sun / Kon Tiki / Man of Mystery / The Stranger / The Frightened City
Cliff songs:
- Constantly / Dancing Shoes / Do You Want to Dance / Don’t Talk to Him / Dynamite / Gee whiz it's You /
Here Comes Summer / I Am the Lonely One / I could Easily Fall in Love with You / Lessons in Love / On the Beach /
The Next Time / The Young Ones / Tough Enough / True Love Comes to You / We Say Yeah

The Savage:

Hope you like it.

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