I'm back!!!!

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I'm back!!!!

Postby Strummer » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:44 pm

Hi all,

I have moved offices, had family problems, son and daughter (both attending hospitals etc) plus various other stuff which has prevented me from "socialising" and playing guitar recently.

Eric, I am soooo sorry for not getting the eTap2HW Valve echo machine back to you, I have this morning sent it parcel post, complete with the plug I was/am using. Please accept my apologies but I am afraid family and business has taken precedence. My daughter is now under treatment at a hospital 50 miles from where we live for MS, and, my son has been backwards and forwards to various hospitals for back problems, where we have now found out via an Arthritis Specialist that he has multiple fractures of his spine. So we have been rather preoccupied as both of them still live with my wife and I.

Anyway, I am back.


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