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Sad sad news RIP Steve Juden

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:05 pm
by don crisp
Hello everybody,
Very saddened to hear of Steve Juden passing, he will be greatly missed, a deep shock
I'm sure to everybody that new him, my sincere condolences to Jean,
as everyone knows a very helpful and sincere guy, with a wicked sense of humor,
forever the optimist, always with a cheery smile, he and Jean will be sadly missed by our club,
and of course by the Surrey club,
I am very sorry our guys didn't make the Surrey club Friday we had 2 cancellations and decided to try make
a trip in the near future with the 4 of us attending,
I spoke to Chris Lee recently and his wrist is still in a bad way but will come down when he is able to drive
but will not be able to play for some time unfortunately,
Well not a happy news posting I'm afraid, but I hope to see some of you Sunday 27th
Kind regards to all,
Don Crisp, Ian Shelfer