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'French "Band Shotgun"

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:09 pm
by don crisp
Hi everyone, my what a turn out for Eastbourne Shads club at the Fisherman's
a truly fabulous afternoon with terrific food supplied by Andy, Thanks on behalf of all,
A big thank you to the French group "Shotgun" and a very touching tribute to Bob Withrington,
who passed away recently by there spokesman, Sorry Charlotte you were unable to attend but perfectly understandable.

Well Shotgun played superbly, getting better and better as the afternoon wore on a
fabulous finish with FBI that would have done the Shads proud,
and what about that Jazzie, Bluesie, version of Nivram could not have performed it better
a truly brilliant arrangement, this is a hard act to follow,
rather you than me!

of course I think everybody upped their game, to reflect the mood,
and thank you ladies for dancing, it helped to create a lovely party atmosphere.

Next meeting will be on Sunday 18th of December, last meeting this year,
look forward to seeing you all again

Best Wishes Don Crisp , Ian Shelfer

Re: 'French "Band Shotgun"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:22 pm
by shadowmaniacs
Ian & Don, thanks so much for your kind words.
We never forget Bob & Charlotte for their friendly offer of twinning with the french fan club " SHADOWMANIACS" 6 years ago.
We were very sorry to leave early in the afternoon, because of a Shuttle crossing time ... but also had also some regrets, becaus we had to stay 3 hours in Folkestone waiting for a delayed train !!
Please find attached a link to our long version of Nivram we played during your meeting.

Not difficult ... only some hours of rehearsal !!! :lol:
We hope to see some of you on oct. 7th , 2017 at our french meeting in the north of FRANCE, not so far from Channel Tunnel !!

All the best to all Eastbourne members and friends in Britain !