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MSMC Strood.

Postby Tremmerlow » 01 Apr 2019, 20:45

Hello everyone, by now as you will have guessed this is the new club page for Spencer's old Shadows club. As you have spotted we have a new name
but we meet at the same old place being, Temple Farm Working Mens Club, 15-17 Cedar Road, Strood, Kent ME2 2HB. We still use the first Wednesday
of the month to gather and the format is basically the same Backing Tracks with PA etc. We usually have two Guitar amps so Duet's no problem. If we can get the services of a Drummer, Bass and Rythm etc we can scratch a band together. This is very much ad hoc as to who is available on the night. If you have any special
requirements or need more info use the message system on here or email or text, use dog n bone or carrier pigeon or old pals to get in touch. We still have
a lot of fun and it's nice to see people and chat.
We will keep the club running as long as people want to use it, if numbers drop off and it becomes uneconomical it may have to close but for now
we are open for business!

Here are the dates for the rest of the year.
MAY 1st
JUNE 5th
JULY 3rd

It is possible that a date might change due to circumstances so if you are going to make a long journey it might be best to check, Thank you.

Having said all that it will be nice to see you at one of the meetings, entry subs are fixed at £2.00 a head to make life easy Thanks.
All the best
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