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Re: ShadowMusic - future of this website

Postby Stageleft » 09 May 2024, 11:34

What a shame.
I've worked on most Shadows tours as their monitor sound engineer from the golden greats tour in 77 right up to the final gig in South Africa with Cliff.
Even though I know them all well and stay in touch I enjoy reading and very occasionally contributing to the site
I won't do the evil social media so the whole chapter its ended for me. Very sad
Cheers Stageleft
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Re: ShadowMusic - future of this website

Postby dave robinson » 09 May 2024, 13:47

Sorry to hear you don't do social media John, I use Facebook out of necessity and do find it useful to help keep folks up to speed regarding gigs and such. I often encounter Brian Bennett on there and we share our views very amicably so it's OK as long as you keep control and don't allow yourself to be sucked into the hype on there.I blatantly use it for the greater good without shame.Take care. :)
Dave Robinson
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dave robinson
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