Dave Robinson’s echo patches

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Re: Dave Robinsons Free Zoom Patches

Postby dave robinson » 22 Jan 2024, 19:06

David Martin wrote:I'm delighted to see this thread. Those of you who have been here a good few years will have observed Dave's relentless pursuit of the "right" tone and echoes for Shadows music and his hardware "journeys" from most expensive to affordable. It's good to see that it paid off.

Well done Dave... :D

Thanks David, I can't believe I only just saw this. :)
Dave Robinson
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dave robinson
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Re: Dave Robinsons Free Zoom Patches

Postby eyemack » 24 Jan 2024, 10:19

I downloaded these excellent patches a while ago and have been using 2 or 3 of them. However, I am confused by the naming of them. I mean, some are obvious (!), but does anyone know what the file names mean, e.g. 301 M1, BINSON 1, etc.?
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Re: Dave Robinsons Free Zoom Patches

Postby Teflon » 24 Jan 2024, 23:50

dave robinson wrote:I've found all the Zoom files including the Gx1on on a hard drive so I could send them to anyone who'd be prepared to get them to a downloadable situation if possible. :)

Hi Dave, if you send them over to me at cdbradley@ntlworld.com, I'll get them hosted on the shared link :)

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