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zoom MS-50G

Postby nivramarvin » 12 Apr 2024, 15:04

I've had this multi-effects device on my compact floorboard for years. In addition to more than 20 different Echo devices, it also emulates several amps and speakers that can be recharged via a USB port. Now I've even discovered a VOX amp ("VX JMI") where you can set 9 parameters, including Gain, Tube Compression, Cabinet (18 types), Output Device.
The stomp box also serves as a tuner. And all for €99.

At that time I also wrote a review. Here's a Google translation:

"Zoom MS-50G multi-effect
June 4, 2020

Since battery operation is out of the question for me, I first had to realize that one of those small standard power supplies that most mines are happy with is not enough here; It should be 500 mA.
There is an almost unmanageable wealth of effects on offer here, especially since you can reload some of them from the Zoom website until the memory is full at some point. So you have to make a choice. The list of effects implemented by default already includes around 10 PDF pages with a rough estimate of at least 50 effects. The expanded list (version 3) contains around 30 pages with (on average) six effects each, which would then be around 180 effects.
Up to six effects can be used at the same time. Of course, this doesn't apply to all effects, because some (especially the amp simulations) require significantly more computing power than others. A message “DSP full” then appears.
You have the option of naming combinations (patches) with letters (A, B, C ...), saving them and switching them through in sequence using the foot switch, which I find rather distasteful in live operation because you can't easily create a specific effect can switch on and off. Otherwise I just have to select the desired effect by hand (by bending over) and switch it on or off with my foot. Otherwise this wouldn't be possible with just one foot switch. As an old-school user, I had some difficulties until I had some idea of ​​the extensive options.
The quality of the effects - as far as I have been able to test so far - leaves nothing to be desired. The “Corona” chorus e.g. B. needs a comparison with the real “t.c. Corona”, which I happen to have on my board. There are also emulations of the Boss CE-1, CE-5, MXR M-117R, MXR M234, Electro-Harmonix SmallStone and others.
I counted two dozen delays alone (after a download), including some tape and a multitap delay. Although the latter cannot hold a candle to my Boonar, there are, among other things: Emulations of a Maestro Echoplex EP-3, Eventide TimeFactor, MXR Carbon Copy, Line6 M9 TubeEcho, t.c.electronic Flashback, Boss DD-20 or Strymon Timeline. Because they are organized on up to three levels (pages), the three knobs allow access to up to nine parameters per effect.
I also like most of the reverb effects (there are about 15 different ones).
I placed the pedal on my small floorboard (at the end of the effects chain) to initially use it for tremolo as well as additional compressor, delay and reverb effects. It is also quite useful as an acoustic guitar simulator.
The pitch effect is also practical. It allows you to play in a different key. If you go up or down one or two semitones there is only little latency (at least I don't notice any).
Also practical: when you press the foot switch for a longer period of time, the pedal acts as a tuner."
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